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Landlords don’t care!

That’s unfair. Landlords range from individuals to large organisation. Ask an individual landlord or observe them, and you’ll see that they do care. Ask the ‘people’ in the organisation’s, and they’ll tell you they care. They do.

Do you feel like your landlord listens to you?

The problem isn’t how much or whether landlords care, it’s how do we reconnect and communicate with due respect, as Fellow human beings. Residents.

I split landlord organisations into 3:

  • The business, board level, departments
  • The Organisation – Middle management
  • Frontline staff and Occupants

At business level where strategies are set. These strategies, with the best intentions, can often fail to consider the realities on the ground. There’s the iceberg of ignorance, and disconnect between business level, and organisation. The organisation being responsible for delivery of those strategies, either themselves, managing teams, or contracting suppliers.

What type of landlord do you have?

If you’re a resident reading this, how often have you been involved at a strategic level?

If it’s often – you’re lucky. I’d like to know your landlord! If like me, it’s either piecemeal, patronising or feels superficial, if at all. Then that’s about 53% the status quo.

That may not seem too bad. But if 53% of residents (and that’s from those that respond to these surveys), say they don’t feel heard. That’s a lot of people feeling unsafe, wary, and not listened to.

The people on the frontline, try their best with the resources they have. I placed residents and frontline staff together as they’re in similar positions. People with all sorts of things going on in their own lives, with the added complications of being prevented from changes outcomes they should be able to control. For staff, that’s doing their job. Residents, to be considered , kept safe and informed on keeping their home and neighbourhood, places they can proud of.

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