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Together, Let’s Build Safer, Sustainable, and Inclusive Homes & Neighborhoods.

Effortless Engagement for All!

Committed to the Community

Everyone Deserves a Say in the Matters that Affect Them

We emphasise the commitment of the community to ensuring that the voices of all residents, regardless of their level of involvement, are heard and considered in decision-making processes.

We aim to connect with new and existing Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs), local community groups, developers, contractors, resident management, and landlord organisations to foster collaboration, communication, and the overall well-being of the community.

Discover and engage with tenants and residents, individually, or in groups effortlessly. Whether you're currently leading a group or seeking to join one, we've got you covered.



For Association and Group Leaders

Already Leading a Group?

If you’re already a leader or chair of a tenant and resident group with a Facebook group or WhatsApp channel, we’re here to amplify your reach.

Connect with even more residents and streamline your group management with our tools.

Register now to add information on how to join or create your group, and leverage our tools to effectively manage your existing community.

Empower residents and leaders alike to seamlessly connect, share, and contribute.

Join us in building stronger, more connected communities.

For Residents Seeking Connection

Not Sure Where to Join?

Navigating the world of tenant and resident groups can be daunting. We understand that attending meetings or lobbying may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Every resident deserves to be heard, whether they’re part of a group or not.

Connecting the Dots...

We’re here to bridge the gap. For residents looking to join a group, or group leaders wanting to enhance their outreach, our platform makes it simple. Or if you’re a group or company trying to connect with communities.

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Defines the purpose and structures of this collective of people and groups. This forms part of our agreement to work together to accomplish our shared goals.

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