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Our Vision

Connected communities where every individual, regardless of their background, ability, race, or culture, holds the power to create safe and sustainable havens within their homes.

Our Mission

Fostering safe, sustainable, and inclusive homes worldwide. Through education, advocacy, and collaboration, we empower residents to control their living environments, creating a harmonious and equitable world for all.

Our Specialism

Combining tech know-how with firsthand residency and housing expertise, we're uniquely attuned to landlords and residents alike. Our closeness to both communities enables us to build trust, ensuring every stakeholder gets what they need.

What's ResiAX?

About Me

I am a Resident. 

We all are, just with different circumstances. We all deserve control over the safety, and sustainability of our homes. 

I’m a renter. You might be an owner, leaseholder, shared owner, or renting just like me. Your landlord might be private, or public, or both – a Housing Association. Perhaps you’re a student, subletting, or something else. Hopefully you get what I mean. 

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Aren’t We All Residents?

We all either own where we live, or rent from an owner to live there.
If you agree with this, why do think residents that rent are the last to be consulted about matters that affect them.

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